New Microlab 2.1 Home Theater System - M-100

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Microlab 2.1 Home Theater System - M-100


Acoustic system 2.1. Unusual column shapes and original subwoofer trim will add style to the interior of your room. However, in addition to the appearance of the model, there is still a lot of advantages, having found that you will seriously and fall in love with this technique for a long time.
Satellites are made in slim design, stable and compact. Each of the satellites is equipped with a broadband speaker reproducing the high and medium frequency ranges of the sound. To protect against external influences, they are covered with an aluminum matte grille that is resistant to mechanical damage and convenient in everyday life. On the left side panel of one of the satellites there is a bass level control, and on the right - a volume control.
Bass reflex type subwoofer with side panel output. It is made of MDF-plate, trimmed with a textured coating of dark gray color. It has the shape of an inverted parallelepiped, mounted on rubber feet 1.5 cm. The speaker of the low-frequency speaker is bent down. In the upper middle of the front panel black glossy lining.
The system can be connected to any information source that has a 3.5 mm stereo jack interface. Ideally reproduces sound from such sources as TV, CD / DVD / mp3 / mp4 player, PC or laptop.



output power
10 W RMS
Power distribution
2.5x2 + 5W
Frequency response
35-18 000 Hz
Signal to noise ratio
75 dB
Channel separation
45 dB


Tweeter membrane
2.5 inch
Loudspeaker membrane
4 inch
the black


3.5mm stereo


Dimensions (satellites)
90x168x85 mm
Dimensions (subwoofer)
145x227x180 mm
Net weight
2.2 kg
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